The Workshop & Loft Terms & Conditions

Terms of Booking

This is the legal stuff and small print to do with booking a wedding or event with us at The Workshop and Loft.


‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘The Workshop and Loft’, means the property for which a contract is agreed. The ‘Client’ and ‘You’ means the person or organising body/company responsible for the commissioning of and payment for the event. Where any party to this Agreement for the time being comprises two or more persons, obligations expressed or implied to be made by or with that party are deemed to be made by or with the persons comprising that party jointly and severally.

Venue Hire

1) A wedding booking is considered ‘provisional’ until the booking fee is paid. This means that the date is still available to be booked by someone else but we would attempt where possible to notify you beforehand. No cancellation fees are payable on ‘provisional’ bookings.

2) Once a booking fee is received the booking is then confirmed. The booking fee is 30% of the venue hire charge.

3) Once a wedding booking has been confirmed, the booking fee paid is non-refundable.

4) Once booked, you agree to pay the charges described in the confirmation. If a price change occurs within the organisation, we will honour prices given in the confirmation.

5) You must book for all the time you need the room – including setting up and taking down. You may be charged extra if you overstay your booking period, or come into the venue earlier than agreed.

6) If you cancel your booking, no monies paid will be refunded to you. You may be able to transfer your booking to another date subject to availability and providing this is agreeable with all parties concerned.

7) If we should have to cancel your booking for reasons beyond our control, we may offer to transfer your booking to a new date subject to availability. Where no agreement can be reached, all monies paid to us, by you will be refunded to you.

8) For all bookings there will be a bond payment of £150 required . This is to be paid before the wedding or event. It will be repaid to you following the event provided that none of the booking terms & conditions have been broken.

9) You may not bring your own drink into the venue. An additional charge, up to the whole of the bond, may be made if drink is consumed on the premises. We reserve the right to remove any items which may be brought into the venue and will return these at the end of the event. This excludes non-alcoholic wedding ‘favours’.

10) Any 3rd Party contractors arranged by the client e.g. musicians, will be required to provide evidence of suitable public liability insurance. We accept no responsibility for services or actions of such contractors. There may be additional charges applied to some services.

11) We do not offer any discounts.

12) The outstanding balance for your wedding will be invoiced 14 days before the booking date and payment is due on receipt of this invoice. Any additional services or flowers provided after this point will be invoiced at a later date, payment is due on receipt of such an invoice.

13) Please note that once full payment has been made, we are unable to offer any refunds.

General Terms and Conditions

14) We accept no responsibility for losses or damage incurred to property on site. We will be liable to you and your guests for injury or loss and damage only where and to the extent we have been negligent. Otherwise there shall be no liability whatsoever.

15) You are responsible for making all necessary arrangements with the Registrar and paying the necessary fees for wedding ceremonies. Should your wedding date/time change or be cancelled, you are responsible for notifying the Registrar.

16) Guests attending the wedding must comply with all regulations concerning licensing, fire, health and safety. Any infringement of the licenses on the premises or for the event may lead to loss of the bond.

17) Any hired band or musician must comply with noise restrictions as directed by The Workshop and Loft’s staff to minimise disruption to local residents. Noise and music should not be audible from outside any neighbouring premises.

18) No alcohol may be consumed outside the front of The Workshop and Loft at any time. This is a licencing requirement and staff will challenge guests should this occur. Should this persist, the party may be asked to leave, this may also result in the loss of your bond.

19) You will be held liable for any loss or damage to property of The Workshop and Loft (this includes any items hired by us for your use), or for injury to anyone including The Workshop and Loft’s staff arising as a consequence of this booking.

20) Should you or your guests act in a disorderly or improper way, or fail to comply with reasonable requests from The Workshop and Loft or The Workshop and Loft’s staff then we reserve the right to terminate your event. Should this occur, no monies shall be refunded to you.

21) The Workshop and Loft Limited strongly recommends taking out insurance to cover cancellation or other liabilities.

22) All music and entertainment must finish no later than 11.00pm. Live Bands (only permitted by exception) must finish no later than 10pm.

23) Bar service must finish no later than 11.00pm.

24) All guests must depart from the premises no later than 11.00pm, we ask that guests ensure that they have transport arranged in good time to be able to comply with this.

25) After the wedding booking is finished, we ask that guests leave in a quiet and orderly manner showing due consideration for local residents.